Post Traumatic Stress Disorder





Post traumatic stress disorder is a condition caused by exposure to a traumatic event, particularly those envolving physical harm or the threat of harm.  PTSD may also occur as a result of loved ones being exposed to such an event.  Being on site during a horrendous car accident may cause PTSD even if the event involves complete strangers.  Merely viewing the event may trigger the condition.

Typical causes of post traumatic stress disorder are abuse, car accidents, military combat, etc...  Typically, people suffering from the condition have been exposed to a tragic event, often associating feelings of helplessness with what transpired.  War veterans tend to have a higher incidence of PTSD relative to the general populace.

Symptoms of PTSD generally arise anywhere from three months to years after the event.  Symptoms tend to mimic those of anxiety disorders and depression.  Those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder will often feel irritable, numb, and may withdraw from loved ones.  Flashbacks are common, particularly during anniversaries of the event.  Sufferers may relive the trauma over and over again in their heads, feeling unable to stop.

Symptoms must last more than one month to be considered PTSD.  If you’ve been diagnosed with the disorder or suspect that you may suffer from it, please seek help from a mental health professional.  Relief is available and includes support groups, medication, stress management, and psychotherapy.

Find a mental health professional that you feel comfortable working with and develop a plan to combat the disorder.  More information on post traumatic stress disorder is available here.  Be your own best friend and seek help.